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About Us

U´╗┐nited for Freedom Foundation is an organization that helps newly arrived immigrants to California build a better life of freedom for their families.

Our mission is to provide them with educational, housing, transportation, employment and legal resources as soon as possible so that they can become acclimated to their communities.

Educational Resources

Sign up for FREE ESL virtual classes

Find adult education classes in such courses as ESL, basic computer skills, job readiness, and citizenship.

Monthly Scholarships for college education

Find local school/district information to enroll your children.

FREE tutoring for your child

Check out books, movies, and e-media for all ages or take FREE classes in citizenship, ESL, computer classes and more from your local library.

8/8/23 - School Supplies Distribution

9/15/23 - Teens Night Out Hands-Only CPR

Employment Resources

Find FREE Job Readiness & Financial Literacy Workshops

Bus Operator job opportunity starting @ $24.37/hr

Locate job opportunities, job training and resume assistance.

9/12/23 - People First Employment Job Fair

10/3/23 - California State Job Fair

10/5/23 - Community Health Job & Career Fair

Other Resources

Are you a homeless youth (12-24 yrs old) in Glendale? Motel vouchers available.

Get transportation fares and information on how to get around Los Angeles.

WIC is a program that helps pregnant women, new moms, and children under 5 yrs. get nutritional support and benefits.

Locate FREE food from local pantries or meal programs.

Federal & State-funded healthcare program that pays for necessary medical services based on income.

Federal cash assistance for low-income families to purchase food.

Apply for a Social Security card, Medicare and other benefits

Assistance Program for those behind in rent and at-risk of eviction living in the City of Los Angeles

You may request up to 4 COVID home tests per household. Will ship only to residential addresses.

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A Division of Victor E. Antepara GLOBAL STUDIOS FOUNDATION